Quantum Soul Coaching

Take your life back, and discover what the universe has in store for you.

What is

Quantum Soul Coaching?

Quantum physics is the study of matter and energy at the most fundamental level.

With my very unique style of coaching, I am able to tap into your energy; your higher-self and your spirit guides in order to guide you on the mission you were destined for.

Unlike traditional coaches who give their clients a very generic, black and white template on how they feel you should organize your life; the coaching you receive comes directly from source energy; the “Quantum Field” as you may put it.

You see, everyone has a blueprint. When we are born, we have a contract and mission all aligned for us.

However, living as 3D beings- often we can get sidetracked from our divine mission and often feel lost and confused; in need of direction.

That’s where I come in.

Using the concept of Quantum Mechanics, we uncover your soul’s time-track; past, present and future. We then reveal the core blockages to your issues and work to unravel and heal them one by one.

You don’t have to tell me much. Your guides and higher self will do that for you.

All you need to do is allow yourself to be open to do the work and then let the healing journey begin.

Integrative Quantum Soul Coaching

If you are tired of old patterns and beliefs that have been keeping you stuck- this is for you!

This 75 minute coaching session will channel your higher-self and spirit guides to help you become more aligned with your higher calling; addressing and eliminating blockages or old ways of being so that you can become your most authentic self!

These sessions are great for those who feel lost on their path; needing career, health or spiritual direction- or to even have a better understanding of what they are meant for in this lifetime.

If you are curious about more self-development or continuous coaching sessions, select the 

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5d Ascension Coaching

Since 2020, the collective has been awakening in record numbers. 

This is the first time in human history in which humans are evolving and awakening at such a drastic rate!

With that being said- this process has been confusing for many; leaving them feeling insecure or worried about the path they may be on.

With this 60 minute coaching session, we evaluate all necessary points in order to sucessfully make this once in a lifetime transition.

In this session we will:

  • Scan your energy and chakras for blockages
  • Evaluate what still needs to be purged or confronted (i.e; shadow-work)
  • Health and dietary support
  • Channel your higher-self and guides for guidance and advice
  • Give you tips, excercises and tools that will better assist you with the 5D transition


Coaching Packages

Work with me regularly for deeper, more intensive, 90 minute coaching sessions.

These sessions include a one on one 90 minute intuitive coaching session, as well as a coaching plan emailed to you weekly.

Group Sessions will also be included in the very near future!

Book your Free Discovery Call today to see which plan would be the best fit for you!

The moment you meet Aubrey and step into her space, you know you've found something wonderful. You feel instantly comfortable and open with sharing everything about her, and she is totally vested in your story and goals and what you'd like to accomplish during your session. She is extremely courteous and professional and takes her skills and vast abilities extremely seriously, from energy healing to hypnotherapy. So glad I got the opportunity to make it happen with her. Thank you Aubrey!!
Shaunt Kouyoumdjian
Aubrey is a lovely soul and her gift to assist mankind during this time of transition is so very welcomed and needed. Everything that is revealed to her to share with others is so accurate. She mentioned something she was seeing in my personal reading. I no more than went home, and what she saw literally developed before my eyes. She is so gifted, has so much love and compassion, and I would highly recommend her as a person of integrity, and someone you can place your trust in. Thank you Aubrey for your light in this world!
Ella Park
I feel so lucky to have found Aubrey and her services. Her one hour phone call with me was very spot on. She doesn't beat around the bush, is very straight forward and believes in giving her most honest answers. She's not only of those con-artists who pressure you into calling her again or purchasing things for her. I truly appreciated the fact that she kept the conversation on me, what she saw, and how she can't wait to hear from me again in the future whenever I was ready. Thank you for such an incredible experience, Aubrey!
Andrew Vo