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I’ve seen Aubrey a few times now and I’m in awe of how accurate she is.
She sees things that are spot on! She feels like a genuine friend!
I thoroughly enjoy her readings!”
— Teila R.

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Get ready to embark on an adventure where you will finally find a way to be empowered with intuitive insight and guidance. Aubrey Parks is a 5 Star Internationally recognized Intuitive reader and Coach who has helped thousands find answers, while transforming their lives one by one. She not only gives psychic insight, but offers you the tools to design a better future for yourself and others. Here, you will find answers and clarity to all your problems; changing your life for the greater.

So, sit back, relax as we take a journey into Your Universe.



Intuitive Reading

From: $100

Receive a highly detailed and honest intuitive reading. Topics cover love and relationships, career, health or anything in between! 

Intuitive Coaching

From: $200

Receive an intuitive coaching session personally catered to you and your needs. This session will tap deep into your conciousness and remove any blocks that may be hindering your spiritual progress. This session is deeply transformational and may just change your life!

Energy Healing

From: $150

Receive powerful energy healing to help assist either balancing out the chakras, promote overall healing, or to remove and cleanse negative energies or entities.

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Since 2013, Aubrey has successfully been coaching and providing intuitive insight for thousands of clients seeking guidance and answers.


So many people have turned to other advisors, only feeling more hopeless and without answers- even scammed!

Aubrey takes a very down-to-earth and friendly approach with all of her clients. Her patience and understanding alongside with her uncanny intuitive insight gives everyone the direct answers they have been looking for; walking away with peace of mind and clarity.


If you are looking for straightforward answers and want to change your life for the better, book a session with Aubrey today!

“Aubrey is legit! She is very gifted and accurate. She has such a warm loving and friendly presence. I would recommend her to everyone!”
— Vanessa C.


VETTED AND CERTIFIED by the american association of psychics and Bob olson's best psychic directory

Aubrey is a nationally recognized psychic and spiritual coach who has served hundreds of people in need for accurate guidance and clarity. What sets Aubrey apart from other intuitives is not only her down to earth nature and honest approach, but the use of her uncanny and rare gifts to be able to give her clients the most jaw-dropping and life changing experiences. 

Blessed with the 4 Claires, she mostly uses her gift of clairsentience (empathic ability) to tune into other people to see their true intentions and thoughts; as well as discerning any emotional or physical roadblocks that may be hindering them. She is also a medical intuitive, a pet empath, and medium. Aubrey also on occasion uses Tarot cards as a divination tool to look even deeper at your situation at hand. When speaking to Aubrey, you will automatically feel a deep sense of calm; letting loose as she gives you insight from an empathetic and non-judgmental place.

She also offers powerful energy healings to those who are feeling imbalanced and are looking to heal their lives for the better.

Not to mention, most people feel as if they are speaking with their ‘best friend’ as Aubrey is known for her witty and bubbly sense of humor, as well as her fun and honest demeanor. She never asks for additional money for crystals, spells, etc… as Aubrey believes in true ethics and honesty within her line of work. If you are seeking true answers and are tired of being given the run-around by other so-called psychics- Aubrey is the one you need to call!

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