Why Negativity is Keeping us Down

It’s a little-known fact, that the more attention (whether good or bad) you put on something, the more it has the ability to manifest. This simple strategy can be explained through Quantum Mechanics (Law of attraction.)
For example You have been wanting a new car for a while. You’re tired of your lame, old piece of a junk vehicle, so you focus your intention almost daily on how you want the means to able to obtain a new car. Soon, the universe aligns itself for that new car to come into your life!
Another example: You hate President Trump. You’re annoyed and frustrated with him as President, so you share post after post about how much he sucks. Soon enough, Trump does another foolish thing and here we go again with this vicious cycle of posting negative information about the President.
But here’s the kicker on the second example- “Collective Consciousness”…
Do you wonder why the problems in the world never improve? Why are things seemingly getting ‘worse’?
Well, unfortunately, the downside on Quantum Mechanics is that when you get a large group that is fixated on negative energies; i.e; The President, Gun Control, Crime, etc… those collective energies are creating and manifesting a cycle of never-ending madness. As long as people continue to buy into the perpetuating negativity of the media, we will continue to stay in this cycle of negativity- therefore never being able to achieve spiritual evolution and ascension.
So, here’s what you need to do. Shut off the news. Unfollow negative people. Eliminate anything in your life that is distressing you in any way. Bring love into your life. Do positive things for others. Release and surrender and know that there is love out there and it is achievable. Once the ‘collective consciousness’ gets on board- then we will finally have peace.

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