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5on Google,Apr 10, 2019


Loved Aubrey! Friendly, funny and very accurate!

5on Google,Mar 04, 2019


Aubrey is a pleasure to sit down for a reading. She is very polite in her delivery and understanding. You will feel like you are sitting down to chat with a friend more then anything. Love her services. Would highly recommend her services.

5on Google,Feb 23, 2019


Aubrey is absolutely amazing ! Talking to her is a great experience not just someone on the other line, or a psychic answering questions. Ive spoken to Aubrey multiple of times and shes always ON POINT! Her explanations, vision and honesty while answering whatever I wanted to know was amazing, not because she told me what I wanted to hear, but because the things she told me gave me confidence and assurance that everything will be okay. She is very good at what she does and on top of that she actually cares. She never fails to give great insight and advice pertaining to all aspects of my life.

5on Google,Feb 19, 2019


Awesome! I can't say enough. Aubrey is so nice and personable. She was super easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable with her from the beginning. She answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease in a lot of ways. I would highly recommend Aubrey!

5on Google,Feb 16, 2019


I felt instantly comfortable and at ease as soon as I met Aubrey. She has a calm, positive, and honest energy about her. With little information about my situation she was able to break it down for me and hit everything right on the nail. Before my reading I was feeling anxious about my situation and felt very stressed. Aubrey helped bring clarity, reaching out to my spirit guides and after the reading I felt postive and confident in the direction I needed to go. Aubrey is a really sweet person with a truly amazing gift!

5on Google,Feb 15, 2019


Aubrey did a great job. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to get a reading. It was my first time & she made me feel comfortable. I’m planning on seeing her again. Overall it was a good experience!

5on Google,Feb 10, 2019


Very accurate in describing the situations I am currently experiencing. Very accurately described my personality and my husband's personality and the status or our relationship. The only negative thing was she was not able to connected with a few of my deceased relatives. But overall I believe she is a talented intuitive and would recommend.

5on Google,Feb 08, 2019


First, I want to say that Aubrey is very patient and kind. I found her through yelp and had trouble fixing an appointment through her website which she ended up creating for me. ^_^; She called promptly on our scheduled reading and was not hesitant in squeezing in one last question even though our time was waning. What I especially appreciated was that she didn't make me feel silly for asking questions that others might deem insignificant. She was relatable and I felt our conversation was very satisfying. I will definitely call her again and recommend her to friends and family.

5on Google,Jan 30, 2019


I opted for 30 min intuitive session over the phone. I came up with my questions and with some sharing of my background I felt so safe to share some deep wounds with Aubrey. F*@k I'm so glad I made this call. Be sure to keep notes,be sure to repeat anything you need to hear again because this call is packed with mind blowing ANSWERS and intuition. After the call after I stopped saying "wow, wow" and got grounded I burst into tears. Good tears. She touched in my own core wounds, and found the core of me. My life now has the direction I've been craving to know of for years. I will be next going for Aubrey's in person meet up for further guidance on implementing a plan from my reading. F*@k she's dopeness. I've already recommend her to two people one of who is my physic friend.

5on Google,Jan 27, 2019


Aubrey was very helpful. Her insight was very encouraging.

5on Google,Jan 21, 2019


I got a reading as a Christmas gift. It exceeded my expectations. I went open, no test, no games. Aubrey was more helpful than expected, was very intuitive, tells you the hard truth, but is nurturing at the same time. I am looking forward to doing my homework and checking back in with her. And I hope her prediction is right. Not what I expected, but fingers crossed.

5on Google,Jan 15, 2019


Aubrey is very warm and easy to talk to. She gave me clarity in areas I was seeking guidance in. I left feeling energetic and positive. I highly recommend her!

5on BirdEye,Dec 23, 2018


I am so grateful I was connected with Aubrey through a friend. I had two phone readings and it has been life-changing for me. Aubrey completely describes exactly where I am, spiritually, and gave me some tools for making changes and has motivated me to do the work I need to do. She is the real deal. I can’t wait to check in with her again soon. Thank you, Aubrey!

5on Google,Dec 15, 2018


Loooooved my reading with Aubrey !!!! She really shed light on some pertinant areas of my life ! I will DEFINITELY be a repeat customer, again and again and again!!!!! 🤩🤗🤩🤗

5on Google,Dec 14, 2018


She is amazing. The best empath. Picks up on current energies/emotions like no other. I texted the guy I was interested in whilst on the phone to Aubrey. He confirmed he was with his daughter just as Aubrey had seen. I was speechless. I recommend her for a real reading. She won’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to know.

5on Google,Dec 06, 2018


She's beyond gifted.. it was an amazing experience

0on Facebook,Nov 30, 2018


I have been receiving readings from Aubrey for about 4 years. She's the real deal! The absolute best! She has a way of making you feeling like you're receiving guidance from a close friend. I always look forward to our readings and enjoy listening to all she has to say. I always seem to feel better after we've spoken. I would absolutely recommend Aubrey! If you're on the fence about a reading, make an appointment! You will not be disappointed!

5on Google,Nov 28, 2018


Always on point. Aubrey has a true gift in helping me to understand my life path. I really appreciate the honesty with all the ups and the downs delivered with eloquence and sincerity.

5on Google,Nov 22, 2018


I had such a great experience. Aubrey is very sweet and very to the point. I felt extremely confident and clear moving forward.

0on Facebook,Nov 19, 2018

Susan Howard

Aubrey is amazing. I have had phone readings a number of times and she has been spot on. I would definitely recommend Aubrey.

5on Google,Nov 09, 2018


I saw Aubrey for the first time in 2016. At first I was afraid because of the stigma that religion puts around inquiring from people with supernatural gifts. However, I wasn't resonating with the religious world any way and I knew I needed help. The first reading with her was so amazing, so insightful and brought about new terms and realms I never even heard of. She gave me quality and honest insight that really made my situation clear. After that reading it sent me into a unstoppable obsession of wanting to learn everything I could about this spiritual world. I became "awakened" and started working on my spiritual gifts and sensitivities. I saw Aubrey again when she moved back to Sacramento just recently and I was thrilled to get another psychic reading from her. I asked about the typical topics of relationships, career, friendships, future predictions etc. Everything she said was spot on to what I was already feeling and she even brought up some things that I knew I needed to hear which ended up coming true. She was so sweet and honest. I loved that about her and felt content knowing that I got the right information and direction that I needed for my situation. I went in today 11/9/18 to try her Reiki services. Let me tell you that by now I have tried soooo many different modalities of healing. I've been obsessed with the healing potential of all modalities and love finding the best professional for me. I have opened up my sensitivities and can feel the energy during these healing sessions, so when I felt the energy coming from Aubrey it was the strongest I have felt so far from a reiki healer. I was so excited and thought to myself "YES, this is going to be good!". She used tuning forks, which I could feel that energy, and she spent quality time with each chakra through her Reiki energy. Aubrey is legit! She is very gifted and accurate. She has such a warm loving and friendly presence. I would recommend her to everyone!

5on Google,Nov 09, 2018


I can't put into words the experience I had with Aubrey...she is amazing. I came to her feeling completely lost and needed guidance in every aspect of my life. She was dead on with everything and I left our conversation feeling like a weight had been lifted . If you are hesitant on making an appointment just do it!