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  •   Aubrey is wonderful! I was going through a tough time and it was blocking my progress of spiritual healing. I needed some validation and clarity on a situation I was dealing with and Aubrey gave that to me. The reading she provided me was spot on and helped me let go of a situation, and move on. This has helped me get back on my spiritual path and I feel so much better. Thank you so much Aubrey!

    thumb Marscilla B.

      I am an energy healer and usually can pick up on things pretty quickly but Aubrey gave me some amazing insight. She helped me become very clear about my path into the future and her recommendations were spot on! Call her for a reading, especially is you are having some questions you feel you just cant answer..She can guide you in the right direction.

    thumb Holli S.
  •   My daughter and I met for a girls week in Palm Springs. We contacted Aubrey due to her reviews. We decided not to visit her because of the following reason:
    Aubrey was unyielding in her request for my full name, email address and phone number. I expressed my concern that why is this so necessary for a psychic reading? She yelped me back to say her business is professional and she needs this info for appointment confirmation. I totally disagree and am disappointed. With social media and sites for personal info lookups so prevalent, I truly believe she does herself and the consumer a disservice. If she was truly what she said she was, she wouldn't have refused to see us with out all of this info.

    thumb Jill K.

      I am very thankfull, for all of your work and patients and all the help that you gave me.
    Thank you.

    thumb Lou S.
  •   I had the pleasure of getting my Chakra Balanced by Aubrey. She did a great job and lifted up alot of negative energy witch I defiendtly needed. She has a positive white light that shows as when you meet her. I look forward to coming to see her again soon.

    thumb Nelly G.

      Aubrey was such an inviting and sweet person when you first meet her. Right away she was spot on after we barely introduced ourselves and sat down. She's genuinely honest and straight-forward, nothing wishy-washy about what she has to say. You can tell she really does want to help when you ask for guidaince and I was astonished about what she had to say. Aubrey not only is simply a psychic but really does do a wonderful job at being a spiritual guide for you. I would honestly recommend her to everyone: the skeptics and believers and see for yourself on her amazing gifts. I left feeling more relived and clear of myself than when I came.

    thumb Kathy T.
  •   I was looking for a psycic to take my family to while we were in palm desert and we were very impressed by Aubrey's fantastic reviews. The three of us did a group reading and we were all absolutely blown away by Aubrey's accuracy. The minute I saw Aubrey, I felt a sense of comfort and peace. She was very specific/told us what we needed to hear and gave great advice needed to move forward. Without mentioning anything health related, Aubrey knew the exact medical issues that run in my family, including those of family members not present in the reading. I HIGHLY recommend getting a reading from Aubrey. (she also does Skype/phone calls).

    thumb Kaci W.

      Aubrey was very insightful and personable. Her energy is amazing. If you are looking for some guidance this is your gal. I would make another appointment!

    thumb Brit B.
  •   Aubrey was recommended to me. She has a very friendly and approachable demeanor. When she gives her readings she is very clear and concise with very spot on observations. She is through in communicating what she sees, hears, and feels. I recommend if you are looking for guidance talk to Aubrey. She has a true ability.

    thumb Trina C.

      WOW!!! I am blown away by my reading with Aubrey. I've had lots of good readings by other clairvoyants/psychics but this one was by far the best. I got EXACTLY the answers I needed and it was dead on accurate. Aubrey is incredibly amazing. You absolutely MUST get a reading from this woman. Especially if you're going through something that you need answers to or if you have a big decision to make. I wish I could give 10 stars!!!

    thumb Danielle p.
  •   In the past, I probably leaned more toward skeptic that whole-hearted believer in psychic abilities.  Recently, though, I have read a couple books about people who have abilities and senses beyond what most people have, and I opened up to it a bit more.  I found Aubrey here on yelp, and was impressed with her high ratings and how many there were, so I decided to try it myself.  I am now a whole-hearted believer, as I've witnessed her abilities first hand.  It's so cool.  She read my energy, as well as my family members, and she got all of us just right.  She doesn't normally do animals but I asked her about one of our dogs and she called out his demeanor, his laziness, and even the pain he experiences in his legs.  Uncanny. The info about the people was specific information too, not just general info that could apply to anyone.  She has a rare human ability, but a very special one. I asked for specific advice and I'm sure the advice she gave me is the right way to go.  Thank you Aubrey for sharing this ability with others!

    thumb Andrea T.

      I felt I needed a little balancing and insight and am thankful I found Aubrey.  I did a phone reading first.  I found her to be upfront, kind and easy to talk to.  I then went in to do a chakra balancing and reading at her shop, which is super cute.  Since then she has helped me to refocus, heal and work on balancing my life.  She definitely has a gift.

    thumb Carolina G.
  •   Let me start by saying that Aubrey has a great personality, and bubbly energy that you will enjoy. I reached out to her for the first time on June 9th 2016. I had questions about a guy that I felt wasn't so interested. Aubrey confirmed what I was feeling and felt that the guy would disappear which is exactly what happened! On that call and the next 2 calls, she told me about a guy with a shaved head, and beautiful captivating eyes that I would soon  meet, and be in a relationship with. I recorded the readings, and what she said was "You have another relationship coming". She was very detailed about this person. I waited a year to leave this review. I believe Aubrey is very good at providing insight into a current person/situation. Her predictions about a person that you are going to meet may be a different story, as I never met this person, or anyone like him. FYI..I left a similar review for another psychic.

    thumb Kendra M.

      I cannot say anything but great things about Audrey. She was straight forward about everything. From the beginning to the end, she answered all my questions, and concerns. I am not a huge believer of psychics but she answered questions and even made statements related to that situation that I just knew. The reading alone is great but the combination of her spirituality, kindness, and honesty, makes her the right person to go to when you need that peace of mind. I already recommended some of my friends about her, and I am definitely coming back .One thing that I found amazing is that she never said anything about negative energy or try to upsell me a "service"

    thumb Fernando G.
  •   Wow!  Wonderful Aubrey!  Had my first reading after really needing clarity on some issues I've been struggling with. Aubrey was spot on without even needing prompting she knew exactly what my issues were!  She comforted and inspired me!  Her gifts are beyond this worldly plane...what a sweet woman!  A must if you're contemplating a reading!  Thank you, Aubrey!

    thumb Teila R.

      I have been very stressed out and wanted some guidance in my life. The first thing Aubrey said to me blew my mind.  I picked Aubrey because of her yelp reviews. Aubrey is the real deal. She very kind and extremely accurate. I left feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I will be going back every few months for guidance.

    thumb E M.
  •   I found Aubrey randomly here on Yelp + I was quite confident in making an appointment for a General Reading + a Past Life/Karmic Reading with her based on the wonderful Reviews here.

    In one word: GO. Her readings with me were SPOT ON, she is a kind and giving Spirit, and her Intuitive Gifts + uplifting energy are comforting as well as infectious.

    I had specific questions that I wanted answered and I also asked if I could Audio Record our Readings on my phone. I am glad I did both and I am happy that she was OK with me to do both. She offered up a wealth of information that at a second/third listening, I uncovered so much more!

    Since last week's appointment, we've kept in touch.  She readily responded to some questions that I had after our meeting, and for me ... that shows she really does care.

    I highly recommend her: if you believe and even if you don't.  She will empower, comfort, and inspire you beyond belief.  

    Thank You Aubrey ... You are a Gift!

    thumb Genie B.

      Aubree is completely mind blowing. I was very anxious upon my appointment. I felt at ease with her immediately as she is warm and welcoming.
    I loved her energy and her abilities are out of this world!! Everything she told me was accurate and she knew things no one else could know.
    You will not be disappointed with her. I'll definitely be back.

    thumb Desi B.
  •   Aubrey is the real deal. Just had a reading with her today. She was able to tell me everything that was going on in my career and my financials. She is truly gifted. I will be coming back for future readings. Thank you, Aubrey!

    thumb M.Y. H.

      Before I even sat down Aubrey was able to tap into my situation! She has an honest and friendly approach that automatically makes you feel at ease- and she doesn't shy away from telling you things you need to hear in a constructive way. Thank you Aubrey!

    thumb Kristin C.
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  • review rating 5  I booked a video call reading with Aubery on the strength of her many positive reviews; always intrigued but nervous about having a psychic reading. Aubery does genuinely make you feel like you’re chatting away with a really close friend who just so happens to have amazing insight into your life. Not only did she make me think “wow” several times, I also laughed quite a lot, too, making it both a magical and enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend Aubrey to everyone from Spiritual afficianados to those of us tentatively dipping a toe into the waters of mysticism. I would definitely be eager to employ her services again. Thanks Aubrey 😊❤️

    thumb Gerald Thing

    review rating 5  I've been speaking with Aubrey for over a year. She's amazing! She's friendly and open and you feel immediate trust with her. She is right on with what she sees and senses. I've had readings before but now I only call Aubrey! Thank u🤗

    thumb Ariane Doerflinger
  • review rating 5  Aubrey is so genuine and welcoming! I’ve had reiki and a reading and I feel lifted every time. She’s graceful and articulate. Thank you 🙂

    thumb Janeane jones

    review rating 5  Aubrey is a multi-faceted psychic badass whose demonstrated abilities for accurately depicting the past 2 yrs of my life is proof positive of her genuine gifts. My 1st reading with her was 12/8/15 & another a few months later. Since then, everything she told me has come to pass ~ 100%. One thing about her that blows my mind is how she can "remotely view" another persons spirit for you during your reading! She won't always tell you what you want to hear, but she will tell you what you need to hear. There's value in her words; kindness & compassion in her heart; love & levity in her approach (she will make you laugh!), but it's ultimately her honesty that will keep me coming back for more! I've seen numerous psychics during the course of my life, but in my book, no one compares to Aubrey!

    thumb Michael Rossi
  • review rating 5  Aubrey was spot on and will tell it to you like it is. As accurate as she is sweet. Definitely worth it! (:

    thumb Kathryn-Kelly Olin
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