Soul Coach

Working with a soul coach is an effective way to get the answers to life’s most difficult questions. A soul coach brings a state of awareness through probing, healing, and bringing different possibilities.


A soul coach can help you in:

  • Establishing your inner dreams and goals
  • Developing a relationship with your authentic self
  • Identifying obstacles in your way and finding ways to overcome them
  • Helping you live in peace and acceptance
  • Gaining a clearer understanding of where you are now and where you want to reach
  • Living in accordance with new beliefs and inner values
  • Bringing hope through engaging your soul
  • Opening yourself to the divine (Higher Guidance)

Why does the soul need healing?

Similar to the human mind, the soul too gets affected by what we go through in life. However, there is no way to measure the pain or hurt.


To stay in tune with our true selves, the soul needs nurturing. Thus, it requires healing from all the negative experiences to bring it on track positively.


Unlike traditional psychotherapy, soul healing is different. It is a combination of psycho-spiritual healing which will make you live the optimum life for the highest achievement.


Not like fixing the broken parts, soul healing is about giving the right energy into your potential and fulfilling your highest destiny.


What is soul coaching?

The soul carries the burden of actions from the past life, both good deeds, and bad ones. The motive of soul coaching is to clear all debts and past-life actions.  The process involves cleansing the soul of all that was wrong and ensures that your soul travels into the next journey, entirely cleansed of sin.


In soul coaching, the focus is on creating a solid true pathway by discovering the soul purpose and hidden talents.  Even if you want to understand and deepen your awareness of your soul purpose, Soul coaching is much more personal and intimate than regular coaching sessions.

How does soul coaching help?

  • Be it emotional, physical, or spiritual, soul coaching improves all aspects of life.
  • It improves interpersonal relationships with healing painful past experiences.
  • It helps you move forward in life with a better journey

Your soul is the connection between your conscious thoughts and the divinely inspired thoughts of the Universe. However Soul coaching with Aubrey helps open the blockage that is created through your disempowering reactions and will make you move forward in a new direction.


Cleanse your own soul with Aubrey!

Aubrey’s soul coaching will not push you towards any decision. Her guidance helps you make a decision through your inner self. Some common activities involve mindfulness, energy healing, and personal reflection specifically designed to bring out personal insights.

Ability to understand things well

When you bring your emotions to the surface, deep within your body, Aubrey will bring a heartfelt intention to get the trapped emotion to the surface.  With understanding your life challenges and traumas, she will create rebalance so you can live a full, abundant and peaceful life.


Source of inspiration

She is a source of being in spirit. With her support and guidance, you will delve into your highest light which is full wisdom.


Sensitivity and an open mind

Her active listening skills bring a sensitive and open-minded approach. She has compassion and a willingness to listen to the needs and emotions of her clients without judgment.


Highest purpose

Aubrey will keep everything in the context of the spiritual path and highest purpose. She helps clients create a life that is a true reflection of the spirit, the highest self, based on the soul’s purpose.


Analyzing your energies

Aubrey, a certified soul coach can aid in healing the highest return of energy.  She will help you receive a vast boost of energy when manifesting your soul’s purpose. She brings in use several techniques to awaken your heart and open your intuitive powers to embrace a soul of greater happiness, success, freedom, and inner peace.



Reflections and asking relevant questions encourage thoughtful contemplation and conscious self-awareness. Working with Aubrey will give you an opportunity to learn and reveal your most inner work.


Soul coaching is not therapy, rather a soul coach will keep you in spirit, reminding you to realize and manifest the purpose of your soul.

Working with Aubrey helps you discover and nurture who you really are!  You will feel joy, love calmness when you follow her highest guidance focusing on the soul purpose path. Aubrey is a heart-felt supporter, it does not matter what problems or challenges you are facing in life. To know more, book a session today!