I started out in this business from an ability I discovered: helping others. It just so happened to be very spiritual in nature by seeing peoples paths beyond today. I have always believed there was more to this life and wanted to share that with others. I just never thought I’d come this far.


This ability has given me the opportunity to help you. I feel it’s my duty that if one is not where they want to be in life, I can help show them the way. I specialize in intuitive readings to help people like yourself understand their current situation. When someone is going through turmoil, upsets, or even confusions they feel they can not get out of, they find they are no help to themselves. They see that life is the same, running into those same problems or same people and equate nothing can change. It just takes a little foresight to see beyond the “now” and view what’s really happening and how you can change it for the better.


This isn’t about hearing what you want to hear or a validation of what you’re doing is right. Because at the end of the day, you live with yourself and you ultimately know if you’re reaching your full potential. I’m seeking you to be open with yourself and willing to listen. Sometimes the hardest things to hear is the truth and I assure you I will provide nothing but. However, you may just find yourself where you should be: happy.


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My job is to help bring out the best in you. It is common for most to get burried by life, have negative considerations of self, and receive invalidation by others. This leaves the person wondering “who am I?” and “What I am worth to this World?” The most frustrating part is believing you are not valuable enough to have that partner, that job or career, that happy family, or whatever. Sometimes it can stop your desire creating a future because the present is so unbearable. All in all, this is not who you are and certainly, not what you deserve.


With my help, I can give the intuitive guidance needed to break through those bad vibes and restore the confidence of your future. Because happiness can be achieved and sometimes we may need a bit of coaching to get there.


Phone/Zoom Sessions also available



energy clearing & chakra balancing

In Eastern Philosophy there is a belief that the body has certain energy points which hold balance. Without a sense of connection and uniformity between these divisions it can lead to a disruption in energy levels, communication, happiness, acceptance of love or otherwise. Energy is what makes up life and within you are the answers to a happy existence.


I specialize in the education of Chakras, their purpose and provide certain drills to get them back to battery. We all have the ability to regain strength, uniformity, love, awareness and energy. Just know the greatest potential that has ever walked the Earth lives within you. I’m just here as a guide post for you to get that back.



Unlike traditional therapy, Hypnotherapy specifically taps into the subconcious mind to dig up past traumas that so happen to affect you on a deeper level. Working on these internalized traumas gives you the ability to heal much faster and gives much more clarity as to what could be potentially troubling you in the present. Not only that, but using a special PLRT technique (Past Life Regression Therapy) can take you back even further to see what could be affecting you in your current timeline. Book your session today to see what Hypnotherapy could do for you!