Intuitive Readings

Gain Clarity and Peace of Mind with Aubrey's famous and accurate Intuitive Readings

What is an Intuitive Reading?

All of us would technically be considered “intuitive”. It’s that little voice or ‘gut feeling’ that tells you something is off, or gives you foresight on a certain situation.

However, I’ve been blessed with a heightened state of intuition, which means I have the ability to tap into things that most people cannot. I’ve been gifted with all four “Claires”; giving me deeper insight on not only your world, but the world around us and beyond. I have the ability to also call on to both mine and your spirit guides for deeper clarity. 

This is called “Channeling”. 

I receive these direct messages from spirit that allows me to see a deeper part of you, your world, and your psyche.

I am also a Clairsentient empath; so I can also sense and feel your energy or energies surrounding you. This gives me a better understanding of your energetic space, thoughts and even feelings- as well as others.

Think of me of a “messenger”. I only deliver messages that are meant for your highest good. I am not in the interest of perpetuating fear, bad news or just telling you what you want to hear. I am honest, direct, but I also make sure to come from a loving and compassionate space.

Just be mindful that these messages I receive are merely ‘interpretations’ of the signs, feelings or visions that I receive. I do my best to deliver these messages in the most thorough and honest way possible- but just know that it is nearly impossible to get you all the answers you’re seeking; especially if your guides do not want you to know certain things at that time.

So, if you’re ready to understand your journey better- book a reading with me today and let’s help align you with ‘Your Universe”.

Soul Reading

This session is a combination of both an Intuitive Reading, as well as coaching to provide you with a healing and transformational experience.

This reading is great if you are seeking specific information discussing the general areas of your life; Career, love, spiritual journey, physical health and more.

I will ask your spirit guides to step forward to assist you with your inquires and will channel information from them directly.

I will also tap into your energy field and measure any imbalances that may be blocking you; making you aware of any Chakras or energy points that may need work; as well as offering you tools and guidance to help you break free from these blockages while promoting healing.

This is a very thorough and transformational reading meant to align you on your pathway and ultimate destiny. Here we cleanse, purge and heal together.

60 mins- $255

Mediumship Reading

This session is meant for live humans that would like to connect to either their Spirit Guides or Loved Ones that have passed over to the other side.

This reading is great for those who are seeking clarity and closure.

Please be sure to wait at least 4-6 weeks after your loved one’s passing before booking.

60 mins- $211

Love & Relationship Reading

This session is specifically designed for people who are needing clarity on their love lives; whether you are seeking to meet the person of your dreams… or even struggling in your current romantic situation- This is for you!

Not only do we seek to find answers with regards to your issues; we also work together in discovering any blocks that may be keeping you from finding true happiness within your relationship or even yourself!

45 mins- $188


If you’re struggling with making some important decisions in your life- this is the reading for you!

This session is meant to help you find Clarity to whatever issues you may be facing on your journey right now. 

Work changes? Moving? Struggling with your ascension process?

I will ask your Guides to step forward and assist us with whatever you may need clarity on; providing you with ultimate peace of mind to enable you to finally move forward!

(Note: For more of a “General Reading”, please select the “Soul Reading” option.)


30 mins- $122

60 mins- $233

Aubrey is a very gifted reader. She has an incredible ability to tune in and read energies. She has been the one person I trust and turn to whether it be about career or relationships. I love how she tells you what you need to hear at the moment in time. Her energy is so uplifting and nurturing. I trust her so much that I refer all my clients to her. If you have never had a reading before I highly recommend you see Aubrey. She will blow your mind with her accuracy. And if you have had readings before then I still highly recommend you see her because she's just really, really good at what she does.
Katelyn Limelight
What a great reading. Sometimes all you need is some confirmation and most importantly the truth. I was very much satisfied with my reading and am appreciative of the advice that was given especially when it comes to my health. In the past I have had several readings and have found a couple that were really on point. However, Aubrey is certainly someone I will be checking in with again to inquire on some other details. Her gifts are vast! Aubrey provides so much information in 30 minutes that you will need a longer reading for sure if you have more questions. It's your universe. You deserve to know what's next for your and yours so don't hesitate. 🙂
Gracie Bautista
Honestly I can’t even express how much I have loved every experience with Aubrey... I met Aubrey before my wedding when she came and did a reading for my bachelorette party... to this day almost two years later my girls and I still talk about it. Since then I’ve been back to Aubrey 2 times I even brought my husband to one ❤️ What I love about Aubrey is she gives you honest yet supportive and loving advice from what she sees- she honestly has a gift. I highly highly recommend her so much so that I googled how to write a google review as I never do them because I have loved my experiences with her so much...
Ashley Delaney