Psychic & Tarot Readings

So, what exactly is a psychic reading? How does this work?

Well, either we meet in person or over the phone. Either way doesn’t matter as I’m still able to connect to your energy via your voice. It’s important to be in a quiet space to make it easier to connect to you.

Once I’m connected, we can look at any aspect of your life, whether it’s love and relationships, career, or future events.

What’s great about these readings particularly is the fact that I can read and channel other people while working directly with you. Just give me a name, and I can pick up on thoughts, feelings, emotions, health or other issues… just. like. that. These readings are great for love and relationship topics, insight on friends and family, or even general health questions.

I typically utilize my tarot cards just to fill out any additional gaps that I may be missing, or to predict future events. Remember, psychic insight and tarot cards should never be taken as 100% fact, rather as a guide to help you on the right direction. The future is never set in stone either and everything is based on the paths you choose today.
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