Intuitive Readings

Whether you are training an employee or making a business decision, you are probably tapping into your intuition. Indeed, your intuition, the gut feeling or sixth sense can lead you into a world of novel ideas, experimentation, and brainstorming that can perk up your life with stimulating innovation and problem-solving.

What is an Intuitive Reading?

Intuitive readings are best to gain greater insights into the issues you are facing, or if feeling challenged to access answers that are emotionally based. The accurate readings about your intuition will allow you to make better decisions and choices, enhance your business and personal relationships, increase your confidence and ultimately allow you to tap into your innermost dreams and desires.


Unlike traditional physics, the purpose of an intuitive reading is not to predict the future. Instead, the role of intuitive reading is to help people create their future by examining the thoughts and beliefs that shape their experience.


An intuitive coaching session is a step forward from a basic life by exploring the unknown and revealing the suppressed subconscious.


Benefits of Intuitive Readings

  • An intuitive reading lets you know about who you are as a spirit and your path in life.
  • For those facing challenging issues, or any chronic conditions, an intuitive reading will bring the available choices on your path.
  • The accurate reading is like a self-discovery tool that provides an enhanced understanding of oneself, life lessons along with bringing the potential opportunities to heal and grow.
  • It helps gain clarity to the aspects as to where you are now, where you want to reach, and your next steps in any given circumstance or situation.
  • An intuitive reading can make you go deep into the soul to eradicate your negative energy. Developing the right intuition gives you the psychic power to heal yourself both physically and spiritually.

Do not underestimate the power of intuitive reading. If you are not feeling happy on a regular basis, if you do not know your life’s purpose, or if you simply feel that you are not living life to the fullest, an intuitive reading session with Aubrey can help you get back on track.


With extensive knowledge, training, and experience, Abrey contributes counselling guidance and wisdom to help people change their lives as well as psychic impressions.

Follow the path towards Intuition with “Its Your Universe” Service:


An accurate intuitive reading only brings what’s important and helps you get a clear focus, clear priorities and clear goals.


Aubrey can get you to the heart of the matter which will give you greater clarity about your top priorities for life’s success.



The intuitive readings bring the potentialities and professional directions based on the truth of who you are and the consequential strengths of your business.  Aubrey focuses on your life’s success, and she will honestly share all possible options and opportunities with you.



Not only Aubrey will show you the potential possibilities, but will also affirm your gut instincts-ones that perhaps you might have chosen to ignore. Her intuitive analysis will give you that needed nudge into success with greater confidence and affirms your own intuition for success.



Aubrey helps individuals remind them that their gut instincts are right along with encouraging them towards their goals.  What can be better than someone encouraging you to follow your dreams with confidence? Her intuitive coaching follows a different mission, as she focuses on providing clarity about your path, vision and purpose with the added information and advice to help you overcome the fears and bad situations.


Quickest solutions

An intuitive reading helps you get out of your head.  Getting an intuitive coaching session with Aubrey can clear your life purpose and the quickest solutions to reach it. She elucidates your priorities and helps you move forward with confidence and power.

The foresighted Mentor-Aubrey!

Aubrey is a certified and experienced intuitive life coach who inculcates the strong element of consciousness and spirituality in her assessment of the client. Using the power of empathy, Aubrey looks beyond the surface emotions to help you tap your hidden potential.


She holds the capability to gauge and assimilate your unspoken words and thoughts before, during or after your session. Thus, she helps clients overcome the reluctance to share intimate and personal fears, sentiments and thoughts. Book a session with Aubrey today and unleash your inner intuitive powers to get anything you desire!