Hypnotherapy is a step-by-step process that follows a set methodology starting with identifying the problem and ending with reflection upon the experience of the patient during the hypnotized state.

This practice can help you relax your conscious mind and enter a trance-like state by bringing the subconscious one into a boosted state of awareness.  This makes you more open to the positive suggestions given by the hypnotherapist.


Receiving ample training in hypnotherapy involves delving into several related topics as well as hands-on training with a certified hypnotherapist, Aubrey, who is well versed in the fascinating field.


Aubrey uses the power of suggestion in order to help the client bring positive changes in their life. She sits with the clients before starting the procedure. The motive is to discuss the ailments, medical history, and goals. Since the client’s mind is open to suggestions in this state, you tend to be more receptive to the suggestions given by Aubrey. This brings a positive change!

Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy!

Past life regression therapy, also known as past life therapy is a highly specialized field of hypnotherapy. It works in conjunction with presumptions of reincarnation and takes you back to the previous to help gain a better understanding of the present life.


Past life regression is a safe technique that is used during hypnotherapy to recover what Aubrey believes are memories of past lives . The therapy sessions could be graphic and pictorial expertise affecting two or a lot more of your senses; however, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of from the concept of reincarnation.


The key to past life regression is gaining awareness and recognition of people and experience as you discover the links to your past.  Through hypnotherapy, guided meditation, and other non-hypnotic techniques, Aubrey takes the subject gradually from the present moment to childhood memories and then to concerned significant past lives.


The Benefits of Past Life Regression

  • Past Life Regression therapy is helpful in several different areas including stress, anxiety, phobia, health issues, phobia, family dysfunction, addictions, and even sexual difficulties.
  • The therapy can defuse negative patterns, acknowledge the present life problems and difficulties, and eventually set positive changes in motion.
  • Viewing your past life can help you gain a better understanding of both physical and emotional diseases. Phobias, chronic pain, illness, birthmarks, and several other health-related phenomenons frequently have their roots in lifetimes.
  • Through regression therapy, you will be able to better understand your life’s purpose along with the choices you have made in your current life.
  • Past life regression therapy makes the spiritual quest for consciousness, existence, self-discovery, and enlightenment to help make life richer and happier.
  • Past life regression provides a direct path to healing your life and current problems through awareness and forgiveness. Only a skilled hypnotherapist like Aubrey can help you deal with problems and show you a path towards a more enjoyable and productive life.

How does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy includes a state of deep relaxation which leads to an altered state of consciousness, specifically, a pre-state of consciousness, similar to the feeling we experience just before falling asleep.  During the process, new behaviors and beliefs are introduced to replace the negative ones.


A hypnotherapy session with Aubrey consists of a consultation, hypnosis itself, and then reinforcement. During the consultation, Aubrey discusses the issue for which you would like to undergo hypnosis, in order to understand your underlying feelings and beliefs.  Depending on the condition, many achieve the desired results after only one session, whereas for others additional sessions may be needed.


Hypnotherapy is an effective and perfectly safe treatment if administered by a professional, qualified hypnotherapist like Aubrey!


How to work with a hypnotherapist like Aubrey?

Discuss the problem behavior with honesty and openness

Hypnotherapists will not judge you, rather help you overcome obstacles. You need to discuss the history of the problem behavior and how it has affected you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Once Aubrey knows the source of pain, she can begin to illuminate and expose the subconscious motivators of the client’s problem behaviors.


Create a strategy

Change comes from within you, not from your hypnotherapist. The key is an honest collaboration between you and the hypnotherapist to create a real plan of change.


Be more receptive and suggestible to the new strategy

Hypnotherapy is a natural state of focused concentration that increases receptivity to new ideas and verbal suggestions.  At your state of heightened concentration, Aubrey will direct suggestions to your subconscious mind in accordance with how your mind best receives them.

Get in Touch with “Its Your Universe”!

Hypnotherapy involves reconditioning your mind to think in a different manner. It opens your mind to new ideas and helps you get to rid yourself of the negative thinking patterns ingrained in your subconscious. With accurate hypnotic inductions, guided imagery, suggestions, and other proven techniques from Aubrey, you can change the way you think. This is what hypnotherapy and Aubrey can help you become the person you want to be.

Aubrey remains available to talk to the patients about the session and welcomes any new ideas that may help improve the session and even offer follow-up support when needed.

Hypnotherapy with Aubrey can help retrain your mind to be positive, powerful, and successful in life. To know more or to  book a session, reach at (714) 658-3280!