Energy Healer

Energy healing or energy therapy enhances healing by promoting the energy flow and correcting imbalances in the human aura that surrounds the body.


The energy healing works over the energetic level that influences the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  It is a holistic healing method that addresses the energy of the body, mind, and emotions.

Energy Healing-The New Alternative Therapy for Wellness

Human-generated energy is widespread and all-encompassing that can be influenced by certain ways to restore the natural flow of energy within the body. However, this energy is subjected to energy imbalances, such as stress, anger, fear, and depression.  Our body reacts to these imbalances with physical and emotional pain.


Energy healing therapy focuses on the energy field that can be influenced by universal energy and other energy fields surrounding it.  In addition to the physical body, we have an energy field that surrounds us named “The Aura”. The enhancement in the flow of the aura’s energy supports the self-healing capacity of the body.


Also, there are other important energy centers named “The Chakras” where energy exchanges take place and are also influenced by energy healing.


Pain, misfortune, or suffering represents a field of conflicted energy. However, the application of energy fields for healing includes the generation of a magnetic field enough to produce changes in the body without harming it. When this field is harmonized, it is then restored to its original state of clear energy. This energy can then nourish the soul and take you forward towards the desires of your heart.

Empower yourself with Integrated Energy Healing

Energy healing relieves several conditions through a combination of various healing modalities that range from traditional to modern techniques. It is through the combined modalities, energy healing can heal the mind, body, and soul.


Energy healing is a not only painless but safe and effective treatment that contributes a lot to offer immense relief from physical pain, stress, depression, and other illnesses. People from walks and ages of life can benefit from energy healing


Energy healing therapy deals with spiritual, psychological energetic imbalances as well as at the physical level:


Psychological benefits of Energy Healing

  • Negative energy clearing
  • Relief from anxiety, stress, grief, and depression
  • Overcoming fears, worries, and doubts
  • A change of negative to positive memory
  • A sharper and clearer mind
  • Improved energy, self-confidence, and self-esteem

Physical benefits of Energy Healing

  • Relief from menopause symptoms in women and other reproductive system complication; can also assist with fertility
  • Promotes quick recovery following surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy
  • Help get rid of serious sleep disorders
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Manages the high blood pressure

Spiritual and Relationship benefits

  • Eliminates years of emotional baggage and frustration
  • Cleanses and repairs the auric field
  • Promotes spirituality and opens all major energy centers
  • Promotes the energetic vibrational frequency of the body
  • Improves current relationships with open and effective communication

Ranging from pain management, emotional freedom, and improved functioning of the immune system, a energy healer  focus on energizing the body leaving you with an improved sense of health and well-being while enhancing spiritual development.

Let’s bring a positive change with Aubrey!

Indeed, energy cannot be created or affected, however, it can change its form of expression. This is what a energy healer facilitate!  With rebalancing the energy fields, the energy healers make you think out of the box and motivate you to live a better life.

The energy healer, Aubrey uses healing spiritual energy to rebalance and harmonize the individual energy centers. Not only does her technique rebalance your system properly through energy work, but also helps you find a resurgence of hope, energy, and a new zest for living.

For whatever reason, you seek energy healing, be it a physical problem, a financial worry, a painful relationship, or anything else, Aubrey can help! With your willingness and spirit of openness, the energy healing session with Aubrey can amaze you with the power of its results.

You can experience an energy healing session firsthand with Aubrey!  Whether it is about emotions, relationships, finance, or anything that is troubling you, be prepared to let it go with Aubrey! She will help raise your vibrations so you can be your optimal self again!

Get in touch with “Its Your Universe”!

If you have a certain chakra that requires balancing or healing, including the colors in your life, get in touch with us today! Aubrey will help keep your chakras cleansed, clear, and balanced which will assist in maintaining your body physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced. Let your energy flow clean and uninterrupted through all these chakras with It’s Your Universe!


Wondering how to find chakra balancing near me service, book a session with Aubrey today and let’s get started with Re-energizing and Balancing yourself!