Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the essential energy centers within the body, starting at your head and descending down the spine. When in balance, the chakras helps us stay physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. The purpose of chakra balancing, also known as chakra awakening, is to balance energy in the body.

Importance of Balancing your chakras

Each chakra correlates to major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column that affects the levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, the development stages of colors, sounds, life, and body functions. The healthy and balanced chakras provide us the energy and everything seems to flow easier into our lives.

The Seven Chakras

Root Chakra (To be, to get)

  • 1st center, located at the bottom of the spine
  • The primary color is red
  • Element: Earth
  • Key focus: Survival, groundedness, physical needs
  • Balances and heals the reproductive organs, tailbone, legs, and adrenal glands
  • An open and balanced root chakra gives a new sense of security, courage, and self-confidence.

The Sacral Chakra (To feel, to desire)

  • 2nd center, located just between the navel and pubic bone
  • The primary color is orange
  • Element: Water
  • Key focus: Vitality, Desire, Creativity, and self-worth
  • Focuses on sexual relationships, pleasure, and personal wellbeing

The Solar Plexus Chakra (To do, to react)

  • 3rd center, located just above the navel
  • The primary color is green
  • Element: Fire
  • Key focus: willfulness, joy, energy
  • The chakra governs the stomach, liver, small intestine digestion, pancreas, and skin.
  • A balanced solar plexus chakra provides willpower, focus and enhances self-esteem to pursue goals.

The Heart Chakra (To love, to be loved)

  • 4th Center, located within the chest
  • The primary color is green and the secondary is pink
  • Element: Air
  • Key focus: Love, compassion, trust.
  • The chakra governs the thymus, lungs, and is responsible for controlling the immune system.
  • Balancing the heart chakra is the purest form of healing

The Throat Chakra (To speak, to hear, and be heard)

  • 5th center, located in the throat
  • The primary color is sky blue
  • Element: Cosmos (Space)
  • Key Focus: Communication, listening, vibration
  • The chakra governs sound, speech, and communication
  • An open throat chakra makes you express your feelings and thoughts in a healthy way.

The Third Eye Chakra (To see, self, awareness)

  • 6th Center, located on the forehead between the eyes
  • Element: Ether
  • Key Focus: Psychic abilities, connecting to self, Intuition
  • The primary color is indigo/dark blue
  • The chakra governs the immune system, nervous system, and ultimately one’s psychological balance
  • A healthy third eye chakra balances imagination, wisdom, and decision-making abilities.

The Crown Chakra (Cosmic awareness)

  • 7th Center, located
  • The primary color is violet and the secondary is white
  • Element: The inner light, cosmic energy
  • Key Focus: Unity, wisdom, the Gateway
  • The chakra corresponds to the brain, pineal gland, and entire nervous system.

How will you feel when your chakras are out of balance?

The seven chakras revolve at different rates. The universal life force is slowed down if the chakras are not balanced. You may feel less than optimal, less healthy, and less energetic. The unstable chakra reflects itself in your life in specific areas of your body where it is located.


On the contrary, the chakra healing will make you feel mentally clearer, more energetic, more creative, and healthier. It will enable you to connect more easily with goals that feel right for you on a deeply emotional level.


Clear, Cleanse and Balance your chakras with Aubrey!

Aubrey is an expert psychic and spiritual coach who works to restore optimal rotation and achieve chakra healing.


Aubrey focuses to achieve chakra balancing for these seven chakras when she detects that the energy flow through the body is not optimized, or is out of balance.

How can Aubrey help in Balancing your Chakras?

Reduces aches and pains

You may encounter pain in the different parts of the body caused by the misalignment of various chakras. However, with proper balancing techniques performed by Aubrey, you can easily get rid of common pains along with stress and other negative energy.


Improves emotional stability

Chakras rule primarily with emotions. Chakra healing enhances achieving emotional stability and makes you more aware of your emotions. The expertise of Aubrey will help improve your decision-making ability and get back in touch with reality.


Promotes greater healing ability

With chakra balancing, you can easily get rid of persistent depression and anxiety problems as well. This makes you become stronger both internally and externally.


Increases passion

With Aubrey’s professional guidance, you will experience improved passion towards your loved ones and life in general. Aubrey will help you get rid of the negativity within you and helps you unlock the positive thinking and enthusiastic way of living.

Get in touch with “Its Your Universe”!

If you have a certain chakra that requires balancing or healing, including the colors in your life, get in touch with us today! Aubrey will help keep your chakras cleansed, clear, and balanced which will assist in maintaining your body physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced. Let your energy flow clean and uninterrupted through all these chakras with It’s Your Universe!


Wondering how to find chakra balancing near me service, book a session with Aubrey today and let’s get started with Re-energizing and Balancing yourself!