Remember that you are the universe, and the universe is you.

-Joy Harjo

My Story

I’ve been where you are. Growing up in a very strict, religious and dysfunctional household, I had learned patterns that basically destroyed me and put me on a path on unhappiness and self-pity. I was attracting un-healthy relationship patterns, couldn’t hold a job, and was homeless for several years. It wasn’t until I faced some hard lessons and wake-up calls from several karmic relationships was when I realized that my happiness started with me. I’ve also been blessed to have gone through several spiritual awakenings that had forced me to do some intense shadow work- where I realized how to raise my vibration and put myself on the path I was destined for. Because of this, I understood that it was my journey to take my experiences to help guide and heal others.

I get it. You’re tired. Tired of the same relationship patterns. Tired of giving but not receiving. Tired of being everyone’s door mat.

Well, guess what? I’ve been there too. And it weren’t for my shadow work and addressing my un-healed trauma, I’d probably still be in the same cycle; repeating all those un-healthy patterns I’ve dealt with for years.

And while I did all that work- It was definitely NOT easy. There were days where I thought I was going full on mentally-insane. It was WORK. But, now I’m at a point where I’ve learned so much, I want to be able to spread my experience and journey onto others. It’s okay to not want to have to go through your journey alone- and that’s where I come in.


Aubrey is primarily self-taught through knowledge and experience. However, she is certified in Reiki 1, and has had training in Tantric Shamanic work. Most of the insights she has gained is through personal experience and lots of spiritual growth!

She is also a social media influencer; amassing several thousand followers on both Facebook and TikTok.


Aubrey has had over 10 years experience as a psychic and life coach, and has transformed the lives of thousands! She continues to coach and educate the masses with her honest insights, predictions and guidance, with over 125k followers on social media.

Aubrey is known to be trustworthy, ethical and honest- which is why thousands of people across the globe reach out to her. You don’t want to miss out on a once in a lifetime, transformational experience with Aubrey.

my promise

It's your Universe is a reminder to empaths struggling with the limitations and control mechanisms of consensus reality that result in confusion, blockages, and victim 3D matrix programming; These challenges can be overcome through discovering the truth of who we really are individually and collectively and by the empowerment of living in a higher potential and clarity of unique Divine mission.

I absolutely loved my session with Aubrey. She is so easy to talk to and was very accurate about all the details we discussed. I have since booked another session with her and have highly recommended her to everyone I know.
Bonnie Graham
AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! I have been going through something for five months and Aubrey was able to provide me with information that calmed my stressed spirit. What she told me allowed me to connect the dots on experiences that I have told no one about. I am forever grateful and forever a customer.
Michelle Foster
I appreciate Aubrey’s instant, honest, and compassionate intuitive insights. She helped me understand the energetics of past events and empowered me with insights and resources for moving forward in my own healing career. Thanks again!
Christy Evans
my mission

My mission is to assist the collective during this incredible and historic transformation by spreading awareness, enlightenment and good vibrations. I take ethics and accountability seriously- so, you know you are working with someone with integrity and who cares. Let’s be apart of this grand mission together, and to help the vibration of this planet…one step at a time!


Aubrey ensures you will receive the utmost quality in your readings and coaching, while providing you detailed and accurate information from an empathetic and friendly place.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You can rest assured you will receive information that will help transform you in beautiful ways. If you aren't satisfied, be sure that your concerns will be properly addressed!


Rest assured that whatever is shared between you and Aubrey will be kept perfectly confidential! Your private information is safe with Aubrey.